Too Close for Comfort featured by Apple Breakout Books

breakoutbooks example march 5 ukI’ve just received an email to let me know that my début book, Too Close for Comfort, has been selected by Apple as one of their Breakout Books for 2013. Despite being released two years ago, the book continues to be hugely successful in Apple’s iBookstore.

The Breakout Books feature has been celebrated since its launch, and has been covered recently in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

“The criteria for inclusion is largely customer-driven – selected titles exhibit strong reviews and ratings, and have shown exceptional sales performance.”

The Breakout Books feature is right at the top of Apple’s iBookstore and is featured heavily on iTunes. For Apple to be celebrating independent authors in such a prominent way just goes to show – yet again – the dominance independent authors are now enjoying over the traditional publishing market.

It’s hugely encouraging to see yet another of the world’s largest bookstores coming out in support of independent authors and I think this marks the beginning of what is going to be another massively successful year for independent publishers.

tcfc-newOh, and seeing as we’re on the subject… I thought now might be a good time to announce that April will see the release of the third edition of Too Close for Comfort, a new-and-improved anniversary edition, celebrating two years since its explosive emergence into the market which spawned my life as I now know it. There’s even a brand new book cover which forms part of the new cover styles for the Knight & Culverhouse series. A celebratory anniversary edition of Guilty as Sin will be released in the summer.

Learn more about this Breakout Books promotion at the Smashwords Blog.

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