5 Tips for Building a Social Media Buzz for Your Book

As an independent publisher, I know what it’s like to market a book with a budget of precisely £0. The good news is that there is still plenty you can do to get the word out, and social media is one of the best tools out there to promote your book. Here are some tips and ideas for independent publishers looking to create a buzz around their book.

  1. Look for useful Twitter hashtags. Tags such as #writing and #amwriting are popular options. You can also start using your own tags that are specific to your book or an event you’re holding.
  1. Watch out for marketing overkill. Social media is very useful for book promotion – but if all you do all day is tell people to buy your book, they’re likely to switch off or unfollow you. Make sure you mix it up and make your social media interesting for other reasons as well as your book.
  1. Create content that people want to share. Encouraging people to share your social media content can be a good way to reach new people, get more Facebook likes and Twitter follows. If you have a few friends you can enlist to share content from time to time, it could help to get the ball rolling. Sharing other people’s interesting content on your social media pages can also be useful if you then come to a point when you’d like your followers to share your own content.
  1. Have an event. The Facebook event tool is a useful one, so if you are planning to have a book launch or promotional event (for example), set up a page for it and invite people to come. You could also have an event for your book launch day (even if there isn’t a physical event, it can still draw attention to the online event and spread awareness).
  1. Have giveaways. One good way of getting people involved with your social media campaigns and encouraging them to share your latest book news is to offer incentives. For example, I’ve run campaigns on Twitter giving away free copies of my book to new followers. Everyone loves free stuff and it helps to build an audience, so if this is an option for you, it’s definitely one to explore.